We Can Help!

TRIAD is an independent non-profit addiction counseling and recovery center located at Trinity Episcopal Church in Wilmington Delaware. Founded in 1976, the center serves those who are alcohol or drug dependent and their loved ones who are affected by it.  Everyone deserves help for this illness, but not all can afford it, which is why TRIAD’s services continue to be offered free of charge.

Forty years after it opened its doors, TRIAD continues to keep pace with the constantly changing landscape of addiction recovery. With roots as a drop-in center, services have expanded to ensure the needs of clients, their family, and the community are met.

Full-time, licensed counselors are currently available six days a week for confidential and individual appointments.

Who Comes Here?

Whatever your situation, TRIAD is there to help. Clients from every walk of life rely on our programs and resources for support throughout their recovery. Many will begin their journey guided by a counselor, while others will continue their understanding of addiction through educational events and 12-step meetings.


Individual counseling facilitates the development and implementation of a treatment plan suited to fit your needs. With advanced degrees in addiction counseling and related fields, our clinicians empower clients with the tools necessary to further their recovery and regain independence.

Our Philosophy

TRIAD wants you to be successful and live a full and happy life free from addiction. We believe in treating the disease, not the symptoms, so referrals are an integral part of our process. When specialist support is required, our partners can be relied upon to provide the appropriate level of care and bridge the gap between physical and mental health.

My recovery from alcoholism started at TRIAD.

With the help of my counselor, I have been given a chance to work on myself in a safe environment. I have been able to overcome obstacles in my life while staying sober.


I was out of options. I couldn't live the way I was any longer and didn't know what to do.

My counselor helped me sift through years of wreckage and begin a healthy new life free from alcohol.


    TRIAD Addiction Recovery Services 501(c)(3)
1104 N. Adams St.  |  Wilmington, DE  |  302.655.1153