In my job as a judicial officer I am confronted with the effects of substance abuse on a daily basis.  According to the National Institute of Health, “[criminal] offenders have rates of substance abuse and dependence that are more than four times that of the general population.”  That same report recognizes that treatment works, is cost-effective and can help end the vicious cycle of drug abuse and criminal recidivism.  As a Delaware citizen, I am distressed knowing that at least 286 Delawareans died from suspected heroin overdoses in 2018.  Nearly 300 people who did not need to die. 

One of the reasons I agreed to join the TRIAD board is my belief that TRIAD plays a vital role in addressing these problems.  TRIAD offers a myriad of services—counseling, outreach and education—that help us combat the ravages of substance abuse disorders like alcoholism and drug addiction.

The outreach services provided by TRIAD help when people have no idea where to go for help.  I, personally, have referred parents to TRIAD for help in finding treatment for loved ones.  Many people are not educated on where to look for help.  TRIAD can and does help. 


As stated by one of my mentors, Father Bill Hultberg, when you “scratch one addiction, you discover 2 or 3 more underneath.”  This is where TRIAD’s counseling services become so important.  Sobriety may be the first step in recovery but staying sober means doing the work, engaging in 12 step programs and seeking help from trained therapists.  At present, TRIAD has three full-time counselors to provide services to recovering persons.

Education is vital to addressing substance abuse.  Ignorance kills.  TRIAD hosts a number of free educational seminars each year.   Some of the seminars addressed important topics like relapse prevention, recovery on the college campus and the spiritual solution to addiction.  In addition, TRIAD sponsors the Wholehearted Living Program for women in recovery.

TRIAD needs help from the community to continue its efforts.  TRIAD alone can make only a small dent.  But with the help of others, TRIAD will be able to expand its efforts and help even more people suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction.  Please join us.