A little over three years ago an old friend invited me to TRIAD’s annual breakfast.  I went, I learned a lot about addiction, I saw some old friends and I made some new ones.  At the end of the event I was moved to make a donation to TRIAD Addiction Recovery Services.

Shortly thereafter I was complimented to be asked to join the Board of Directors for TRIAD.  I was, however, concerned that I did not have any direct experience with addiction.  But other Board members were quick to reassure me that this was not a prerequisite for being a supportive board member, and that, with my marketing background, I could add a lot of value to the organization.

So, what have I learned at TRIAD?  I have learned that the need is huge.  Sadly.  TRIAD is growing to meet the need.  With the help of our professional services, most people can change their lives.  People with addiction stories are really everywhere.  No special background, age, gender or race dominates the market.  Addiction does not discriminate.

Take a minute and add TRIAD to your vocabulary.  Make a donation today at https://triadde.org/donate/. Someone, or some family, will thank you.