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12-Step Meetings

Recovery Meetings for a variety of anonymous fellowships meet here six days a week. On any given day as many as two hundred people will walk through our doors and feel at home. They have all found the strength that comes from belonging to a fellowship that genuinely values their health, well-being, and success in life.

Any person who desires a better way of living through recovery is encouraged to attend.

My counselor at TRIAD has been instrumental in helping me get on the right path to recovery and actually staying there. She always shows a genuine concern for my recovery and that makes me want to try even harder to achieve my personal goals.
If anyone out there is struggling with addiction I highly recommend going to TRIAD. William

TRIAD is where I started on my journey to recovery.  I attended AA meetings there every day I could.  I found a community of other recovering people who helped me build a sober network of friends.  With all the meetings they have available, everyone can find one that will suit their needs. Jill

    TRIAD Addiction Recovery Services 501(c)(3)
1104 N. Adams St.  |  Wilmington, DE 19801   |  302.655.1153